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May 9, 1997

       Saint Of The Day:

          Henry J. Kaiser

enry J. Kaiser was the industrial hero of World War II. During World War II, though a newcomer to the shipbuilding industry, he developed special methods of pre-fabrication and construction that enabled him to produce 10,500-ton freighters (they were called Liberty Ships) every five days. His operations, in Oregon and California, turned out one-third of the entire U.s. merchant shipping built during the war. Before the war, Kaiser was in the business of building roads and dams. He spearheaded the building of the Hoover (or Boulder) Dam on the Colorado River, and of the Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River in Washington. Rather than wait for others to supply his construction needs, he himself got his companies into the production of raw materials, such as cement, magnesium, iron, steel and aluminum. He founded the world largest cement factory in Permanente, California. And, at the time of his death, his Kaiser Industries Corporation was making some 300 products. He also fathered managed health care, by starting up pre-paid health plans that would provide treatment by independent partnerships of doctors. His Kaiser hospitals and his Kaiser health plans are now world famous. In his final years (he died in Honolulu in 1967), Kaiser developed a large resort complex in Hawaii. Kaiser was man of restless energy, high enthusiasm, and great drive. At the age of 81, he was still active, looking ahead to see how his country would meet the needs of the 21st century, and urging all who would listen that nothing was impossible. He urged everyone who came in his path to develop their potential to the fullest.

MODEL: Well, there you have it: Kaiser developed his potential to the fullest. You do it, too, bunky. Get started, now.

Your Birthday Today:

May 9
Day of Mettle Taurus

Reasoning, Perceptive, Bright

Obstinate, Dogmatic, Resentful

For the cause. If you were born on May 9, you have a good sense of fair play and your word is as good as gold. When it comes to justice or a good cause, you have the backbone to stand up and fight. Ruled by the number 9 and the planet Mars, you have strong magnetic sexual qualities.

Lost in the dream. You tend to get carried away by ideas and causes but forget to think realistically. Even when something is clearly out of your reach, you keep after it, exhibiting self-destructive behavior. If you focus on the tyranny and injustice of the world, you will become irritable and unsettled, causing unhappiness with those around you. Some May 9 people love this struggle, love to be the great reformer, no matter the personal cost. Others seek peace in creative occupations that won't upset their moral balance.

Inner strength. Although you're not as huge or aggressive as a bull, you radia te power. Your strength lies in an untiring defense, especially when you're defending others. You have a persuasiveness and charisma that attracts friends, but your nasty temper can drive them away if not controlled. People soon learn how quickly your reasonable, good natured side can turn when the right buttons are pushed.

Here's some advice: Learn when to give up on idealistic hopes and move on to reality. Control your temper and don't be so intense and judgmental.

Also born on this day: Orville Freeman (MN governor, marine) Devoe Brand (US astronaut) Henry Kaiser (industrialist, automaker) Anton Cermak (Chicago mayor, assassinated) John Brown (militant abolitionist) Daniel Berrigan (activist priest) James Barrie (Scottish playwright, Peter Pan) Pancho Gonzales (tennis champ) Glenda Jackson (British actress) Billy Joel (singer, songwriter, pianist) Mike Wallace (tv reporter, 60 minutes)