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S A I N T S   &   B I R T H D A Y   P A G E

May 6, 1997

       Saint Of The Day:

            Orson Welles

rson Welles, who was born on this day in 1915, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and died in Hollywood in 1985, was not a saint, but he was a genius who supplies us with a cautionary tale, the story of his own life. At the age of 25, Welles coscripted, starred in, and directed what many critics still think is the best film of all time, "Citizen Kane." It was a psychological study of success, and what passed for success in modern America, a morality play that never quite penetrated Welles's own psyche. "Kane" was, on the surface, the story of the newspaper mogul, William Randolph Hearst, who hated the picture so much he pretty much had it killed by the distributor, RKO Pictures, and by his cronies in the print press. The film remains, however, what it is. Rent the video if you've never seen the movie, now 57 years old, but as fresh as if it were made yesterday. You cannot fail to note Welles expressionistic use of sound and camera techniques. You should know they were new, then, and that they greatly influenced later filmmakers. Better, if you're a would-be screenwriter, borrow the big "Citizen Kane Book" from your local library, and read the script. In all the movie's 118 scenes, there isn't a dull line, or one that does not create dramatic tension and involve the viewer in that tension. After "Kane," Welles never lived up to his promise. He directed a dozen movies or so, and a Broadway musical that failed -- Cole Porter's version of Jules Verne's "Around the World in 80 Days." For two years, he wrote a column for the New York Post. In 1953, he produced a TV version of "King Lear." In 1960, he directed Ionesco's "Rhinoceros" on the London stage. In his later years, he shilled in television commercials for Gallo wine. Welles killed himself with his self-indulgence. He ate too much and drank too much. He slept with the world's sleekest whores. He insulted almost everyone he met with his arrogance and his impatience. In the highly commercial film industry, which doesn't know what's good, but only what others say is good, he gave too much power to others, and let them determine his happiness. He didn't know how good he was. Or how bad. He didn't know where he had come from, or where he was going, and, apparently, didn't care to find out.
MODEL: Try modeling yourself on Welles, in reverse. Be nice to people on your way up, because you are sure to meet them again on your way down. Above all, understand that, no matter what the box office tells you about your work, it is good if you have given it your best. And that, no matter what, God loves you.

Your Birthday Today:

May 6
Day of the Mind Melder Taurus

Sympathetic, Perceptive, Imaginative

Moody, Tormented, Indulgent

Inside the mind. If you were born on May 6, you seem to be in touch with the workings of the imagination and unconscious. This can mean you are sympathetic with others and make an excellent parent or counselor. Or that you dare to live out the fantasies others only dream about. Ruled by the number 6 and the planet Venus, you enjoy working with others and have an active love life.

Use it for goodness, not evil. Messing with the imagination must be handled with care. If you insist on manipulating others for your own benefit, or acting like someone you're not, you could end up in a relationship or career that was never meant to be. Successful May 6 people recognize their limitations and learn to treat others fairly.

Tough childhood? If you struggled through a difficult childhood with courage, you have insights others may never know. With your compassion and empathy, you can be a valuable counselor or social worker, though you still may have to work on your inner demons.

Mood swinger. These demons, coupled with your sensitivity, may make you a prime candidate for emotional instability and physical problems. You see life as a never-ending obstacle course. In an effort to control your life, you may compulsively structure every moment of your time. Your fortifications, however, may only cover the surface of your seething emotions.

Some advice: Don't be afraid to ask for help. Beware of other people's needs and feelings. Don't let your emotions fly off the handle. Attend to your own personal problems before you help others.

Also born on this day: Barbara Aronstein Black (Columbia Law School dean) Emmanuel Celler (NY congressman) Stewart Granger (actor) Victor Neuberg(British poet) Samuel Doe (Liberian president) Sigmund Freud (founder of psychoanalysis) Orson Welles (actor, screenwriter, producer, director) Rudolph Valentino (silent film star) Weeb Ewbank (football coach) Robert E. Peary (first to North Pole) T.H. White (journalist, writer)