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S A I N T S   &   B I R T H D A Y   P A G E

May 3, 1997

       Saint Of The Day:

     National Public Radio

oday is the 25th anniversary of the first broadcast of National Public Radio, the first national non-commercial radio station, financed by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Listeners to NPR need no hoopla here. They know the quality of the broadcast news they get on NPR -- insightful reporting from a couple dozen reporters around the world who are on the staff of NPR, and from hundreds of other reporters working on public radio stations around the nation. People who like to read can check out a book published in 1995, Listening to America: 25 Years in the Life of a Nation, as Heard on National Public Radio. Edited by Linda Wertheimer. If you can't get the book in your library, you can order by credit card by phoning (202) 414-3237. The book presents the best interviews and commentaries on NPR since 1971, allowing us to revisit the major news stories of our time: Watergate, the fall of Saigon, the rise of Ronald Reagan, the AIDS epidemic, along with other reportage on the cultural life of America by Nina Totenberg, Susan Stamberg, Daniel Schorr, Robert Siegel and many others. NPR's secret? Management gives its reporters time to tell their stories. The average news story on commercial radio is finished in ten seconds. This is not intended to put down commercial radio. It has its important place in our miraculous, electronic universe. But NPR's reporters serve us in other ways when their editors give them as much as ten minutes, sometimes. They use their minutes to tell the history of our times, often with the voices of the history makers themselves.

Your Birthday Today:

May 3
Day of the Sociologist

Witty, Discerning, Charming

Driving, Procrastinating, Stubborn

Hey teacher. If you were born on May 3, you have a talent for teaching others about themselves and how they relate in society. You are a powerful, inspirational spokesperson, using both charm and logic to keep your audience interested. Ruled by the number 3 and the planet Jupiter, you may rise to great importance in your work or social group.

Lean on you. In times of distress, family members turn to you to make the big decisions or give advice. You don't avoid problems, you face them head-on and look for any way to solve them. Stubbornly practical, you are rarely caught wasting time on frivolity. Your keen insight into human motivations makes you an excellent mediator, counselor or marketing professional.

Watch your witty comments. You are a realist who uses wit to make your point. You have a talent for irony and humor, making surprising but true comparisons and comments that make you the life of the party. Sometimes you can take it too far, however, flinging cutting remarks and sarcasm.

Do it now. You can be indecisive in love, putting off the big commitments until it is too late. In business as well, you can wait too long to take action, missing valuable opportunities.

Some advice: Don't get so absorbed in society that you forget about your friends and family. You have to put something into your personal relationships to get something out. Seize the day in matters of love.

Also born on this day: Manning Hope Clark (Australian historian) Steven Weinberg (Nobel Prize, elementary particles) Engelbert Humperdinck (singer) Mel Lazarus (cartoonist) Virgil Fox (organist) Betty Comden (lyricist) Pete Seger (folk singer) Mary Sarton (novelist, poet) Sugar Ray Robinson (voted greatest boxer of all time) Henry Fielding (British 18th c. novelist) Golda Meier (Israeli prime minister)