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May 29, 1997

       Saint Of The Day:

      Gilbert Keith Chesterton

ilbert Keith Chesterton, who was born in London on this date in 1874 and died in 1936, was an English writer, one of the best. Although originally a liberal in his philosophy, he later became a conservative. He formed a lasting friendship with the writer Hilaire Belloc, also a conservative, and the two men established a journal to expound their views. Despite his controversial views, Chesterton's brilliant, vigorous, and witty style made him extremely popular. He did not become a Roman Catholic until 1922, but nearly all his works are defenses of Roman Catholicism and orthodoxy in general. Among Chesterton's more important writings are theological studies, polemics, critical studies of other writers, and volumes of poetry. Today he is perhaps most famous for his novels The Napoleon of Notting Hill (1904), a fantasy of the future, and The Man Who Was Thursday (1908), a witty allegory, and for a series of detective stories relating the adventures of Father Brown, a mild-mannered Roman Catholic sleuth. Chesterton was huge, a great eater and a great talker, and no one ever beat him in a debate. He was also something of a curmudgeon. There's a story told about him, standing at Mass. An usher came up to him and said, "Sir, we usually kneel at this point in the Mass." Chesterton growled at him, "Go to hell!" The usher said, "Oh, I'm sorry sir, I didn't know you were a Catholic."

MODEL: Chesterton's wit. Of course, to be witty, you have to be extremely well-read, and quick on your feet as well. So you'd better read a lot. And join your school's debating team, too. That will sharpen your wit.

Your Birthday Today:

May 29
Day of Combat

Devoted, Protective, Emphatic

Limited, Combative, Chauvanistic

Drawn into the fight. If you were born on May 29, you are magnetically attracted to dramatic situations and will always help others struggle for a good cause. Though argumentative, you are not a tyrant and seek a consensus and input from the group. Ruled by the number 2 and the moon, you function better as a partner than a leader.

Loosen up. You tend to be combative and have a reputation as being difficult. Perhaps you should learn to vent your frustrations in more socially acceptable ways like debate, humor or sports. You become very frustrated if you don't have an audience, be it family, coworkers or social groups.

Preserving tradition. You see yourself as a champion of truth, justice and the American way. You feel tradition is important, even if it requires an occasional readjustment to fit modern times.

Material world. Although you are committed to helping others, you see nothing wrong with helping yourself, too. You are not into material wealth but may have it fall into your lap.

A little advice: Try to avoid tunnel vision. Be objective. Don't make judgments based on your own tastes. Avoid turning everything into an argument. Don't hold your problems inside, ask for help.

Also born on this day: Latoya Jackson (Jackson family expose' writer) Charles II (British king) John Hinckley (shot Reagan) Pearl Lang (choreographer, dancer) John F. Kennedy (assassinated US president) Bob Hope (comedian, actor) Annette Bening (actress) Tony Zale (middleweight boxing champ) Patrick Henry (American patriot) Oswald Spengler (German political philosopher) Lazaro Cardenas (Mexican statesman)