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May 2, 1997

       Saint Of The Day:

         Saint Athanasius

aint Athanasius, a Greek theologian and bishop of Alexandria in Egypt, he lived in the early days of Christianity, when its leaders were still uncertain whether their Jesus Christ was really God as well as really man. In 325, he attended the Council of Nicea, where the divinity of Jesus was defined in the Nicene Creed, still said in Catholic churches today. In that creed, the Son of God was "begotten not made" and "of the same substance with the Father. That is, the Son was part of the Trinity, not part of creation. . For many years, Athanasius fought off a powerful group who opposed the decree made at Nicea. They were called Arians, after their founder, Arius, who lived from 256-336, and they enjoyed the favor of a succession of Roman emperors, starting with Constantine. Arius taught that God is unbegotten and without beginning. The Son, the Second Person of the Trinity, therefore, because he is begotten, cannot be God in the same sense that the Father is. The Son was not generated from the divine substance of the Father; he did not exist from all eternity, but was created out of nothing like all other creatures, and exists by the will of the Father. In other words, the relationship of the Son to the Father is not natural, but adoptive. It was Constantine who exiled Athanasius from Alexandria to Trier, Germany, and another emperor, Constantius, who brought him back. But then, the Arians drove him out of town, again. He wound up living with Egyptian hermits and wrote tracts against the Arians, which proved his undoing, later, when his Apology Against the Arians was published, for that move led to his exile a third time. He took up residence again with Egyptian hermits, wrote his greatest doctrinal work, Four Orations against the Arians, but was soon exiled from Egypt for a fourth time by the Emperor Julian. He was brought back by the Emperor Jovian and driven out a fifth time by the Emperor Valens, only to be restored as Bishop of Alexandria until his death in 373. Interesting, how politics and theology were so intertwined in the early days of Christianity. Those were the days when people really cared to know who and what God was. Today, many people simply do not care.
MODEL: Athanasius's caring. He cared enough to write stuff that got him thrown out of town. Four times.

Your Birthday Today:

May 2
Day of the Watcher

Efficient, Perfectionist, Perceptive

Meddlesome, Tyrannical, Brash

Observant, aren't you? If you were born on May 2, you are into watching, studying, and commenting on human development and psychology. This makes you difficult to fool. Your ideas and theories concerning people consume much of your think-time. Your curiosity may cause you to indulge in gossip and stick your nose into people's affairs. Ruled by the number 2 and the moon, you are a good partner in marriage but not at work.

Beware the tyrant. You are an authority figure and lay down the law with your family and friends. Some may admire your direct, forthright manner. But your blunt, abrasive behavior may not work so well with children or on the job. Perhaps if you tried a little tact and diplomacy, you'd be more successful. Since you don't get along well with others, you gravitate toward self-employment in the arts, trades, trucking or farming.

Structured. You tend to be left-brained: more analytical and objective, less creative and intuitive. Once you set your mind on a subject, you won't let go. A planner, an organizer, and a perfectionist, you are very efficient if you can think things out ahead of time and work on your own.

Some advice: Look at yourself closely for areas needing improvement. Use your knowledge of human psychology to learn diplomacy and patience. Learn to let little annoyances bounce off you. Try not to steamroll over people and push too hard, especially with kids.

Also born on this day: Lesley Gore (singer) Donald Farner (zoologist) Sir John Malcolm (British 18th c. writer) Benjamin Spock (pediatrician, writer) Bing Crosby (singer, dancer, actor) Theodore Herzl (World Zionist Organization president) Baron von Richtofen (The Red Baron) Novalis (German romantic poet) Lorenz Hart (lyricist) Theodore Bikel (folk singer) Hedda Hopper (Hollywood gossip columnist) Bianca Jagger (model, actress, Mick's ex)