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S A I N T S   &   B I R T H D A Y   P A G E

May 19, 1997

Saint Of The Day:

Malcolm X

Malcolm X was born Malcolm Little on May 19, 1925. He was a lanky onetime dining-car steward, bootlegger, pimp and dope pusher who left prison in 1952 to heed the message of the Black Muslim leader, Elijah Muhammed. He abandoned his "slave name," Little, for the symbolic "X" (meaning identity unknown), and took an oath to abstain thereafter from smoking, drinking, gambling, cursing, dancing and sexual promiscuity--as required of every Muslim. The ambitious young man rose swiftly to become the Messenger's most ardent and erudite disciple, and, for a time, wielded all but absolute authority over the movement and its membership as Muhammad's business manager, trouble shooter, prime minister and heir apparent. But Malcolm X broke with extremists in his own movement in 1964, and was assassinated less than a year later, on February 21, 1965, gunned down in the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem by some of those same extremists. The extremists were led by Elijah Muhammed, who had much to offer American blacks. In the words of Malcolm X, as recorded in a Playboy Interview in May 1963 by the black journalist and author, Alex Haley, "Mr. Muhammad teaches us the knowledge of our own selves, and of our own people. He cleans us up--morally, mentally and spiritually--and he reforms us of the vices that have blinded us here in the Western society. He stops black men from getting drunk, stops their dope addiction if they had it, stops nicotine, gambling, stealing, lying, cheating, fornication, adultery, prostitution, juvenile delinquency." All this was good stuff. But Elijah Muhammed went too far. He also told American blacks to hate the white man, who is called a "devil." Muslim doctrine doomed the white man to extermination in an imminent Armageddon -- along with Christianity itself, which was denounced as an opiate designed to lull Negroes -- with the promise of heaven -- into passive acceptance of their inferior social status. In the end, Malcolm X couldn't buy this, and Elijah Muhammed had him killed. That ought to tell all people of good will where truth and goodness lay.

MODEL: Malcolm X was a modern martyr, who stood up for what he believed. This is the stuff of sainthood, what they once called "heroic virtue." FECHA doesn't urge imitation. Martyrdom is not for everyone. But admire Malcolm X today. When he changed his name, he did a good thing. He was definitely not Little. ***

Your Birthday Today:

May 19
Day of Influence

Fundamental, Vital,

Controlling, Frustrated, Unfocused

Wavering star. If you were born on May 19, you have great leadership potential and abundant energy, but you must learn to channel it effectively. You can be quite successful and weather hard times well if you plan ahead and stay focused. Ruled by the number 1 and the sun, you must learn to calm yourself internally and externally.

A natural. You are self-taught and like to function in natural mode. But sometimes, you tend to rely on logic too much instead of intuition. Over-thinking can delay action and cause you to drift from your intended goal. Listen to your inner voice, for it usually leads you in the right direction.

Talent for talking. You have a gift for persuasion, thanks to your charisma and eloquence. Use it wisely and it can be a powerful key to success and happiness. In less evolved May 19 people, this talent can manifest itself as a roguish charm or worse, a con artist mentality.

Your guiding light. Finding a mentor is very important to you. This person will show you how the world works, how to use your talents and where you fit in the grand scheme of society. Spiritual guidance and society can also help you stay on track. You tend to drift toward materialism, concerned that you must provide for yourself and others. But these responsibilities may restrict your desire to be mobile and free, thus causing frustration.

Some advice: When you feel angry or frustrated, step away for awhile and reassess the situation. Don't blow up. Follow your heart. Don't try to control others all the time. Let them go and let go of your responsibilities once in awhile.

Also born on this day: Nellie Melba (operatic soprano) Grace Jones (model, actress) Pete Townshend (guitarist, singer, songwriter) Jane Brody (health, science writer, NY Times) Lady Nancy Astor (American-born British politician) Cecil McBee (jazz bassist) James Fox (British film actor) Sonny Fortune (jazz saxophonist) Edward de Bono (developed lateral thinking) Malcolm X (African-American activist) Ho Chi Minh (Vietnamese revolutionary leader) Lorraine Hansberry (playwright, civil rights reformer).