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May 14, 1997

       Saint Of The Day:

              Day of the

he Day of the Teacher. California honors its teachers on this day, patterning the day after "El Dia del Maestro" celebrated in Mexico. The Day of the Teacher was originated by the Association of Mexican-American Educators and the California Teachers Association, and designated by the California Legislature. The commemoration is a tribute to all teachers and their lasting influence on our children's lives. For more information about the Day of the Teacher, write the CTA, 1705 Murchison Drive, Burlingame, CA 94010. Phone (415) 697-1400. Or FAX (415) 697-0786.

ACTION: If you are in California, join in the celebration. Give your kids' teachers an apple, or a new sports car, or something. If you're not a Californian, see if you can lobby for a Day of the Teacher in your state. Our teachers are doing perhaps the most important tasks of anyone on the public payroll. They deserve our honor and our thanks and our special support. Now, if we could only get them better pay....

Your Birthday Today:

May 14
Day of the Contemporary Taurus


Nervous, Stressed-out,

Right now. If you were born on May 14, you have a good feel for modern times and opportunities down the road, even a hundred years from now. You can easily dismiss tradition because you feel you have better ways of doing things. Ruled by the number 5 and the planet Mercury, you should strive for gradual change and avoid impulsive, reckless urges.

Let others catch up. Since you are ahead of your time, you may be misunderstood and your work dismissed early in your career. You demand a fair shake, however, and in time, others come to appreciate your work.

Perfectionist. Your drive to success and perfection can be overwhelming to yourself and those around you. Perfectionist parents are particularly tough to handle. May 12 people that show some moderation prove much happier and fulfilled. They also tend to listen to valuable advice more.

Mixed signals. Although you are outwardly energetic and driven, you can be emotionally and spiritually low-profile under it all. Therefore, it can be difficult for others to read you, to know when to approach and when to back off. And you are not very patient with those who misread you. You want others to follow your pace, be it fast or slow.

Some advice: Don't drive yourself into the ground, show some restraint and good judgment. See the big picture. When you criticize, make it constructive. It is better to be 20 minutes ahead of your time than 20 years.

Also born on this day: Dona Lynn George (songwriter) Joseph Fruton (biochemist) Marion Harper (ad exec) Jack Bruce (bassist, vocalist, Cream) Norman Luboff (choir director) George Lucas (director, producer) Sidney Bechet (jazz soprano sax) David Byrne (singer, songwriter, Talking Heads) Patrick Bruel (French singer, songwriter) Otto Klemperer (German conductor) Kurt Browning (figure skater) Bobby Darin (singer, actor).