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S A I N T S   &   B I R T H D A Y   P A G E

May 12, 1997

Saint Of The Day:

Katharine Hepburn

Katharine Hepburn, who was born in 1909, and is still alive and well and living on East 49th Street in New York City, holds a Hollywood record: she's won four Academy Awards for best actress. She was born into a wealthy family in Hartford, Conn., and was educated at Bryn Mawr College. She scored a notable success on Broadway in 1932 in The Warrior's Husband. She also appeared in The Philadelphia Story (1939), As You Like It (1950), and The West Side Waltz (1981). On the screen she also starred in The Philadelphia Story (1940), as well as in A Bill of Divorcement (1932), Morning Glory (1933), for which she received her first Academy Award, The African Queen (1951), Summertime (1955), Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967), for which she won another Academy Award, and The Lion in Winter (1968), for which she shared the Academy Award with Barbra Streisand. Later films, to which she brought her unique combination of patrician beauty and spunky earthiness, include The Trojan Women (1970) and On Golden Pond (1981), for which she won her fourth Academy Award. An autobiography, Me: Stories of My Life, was published in 1991. Miss Hepburn never married. She had a whirlwind affair with one of the most dashing men of the century, Howard Hughes, but the two of them were too strong-willed to merge. She also had a very long-standing affair with Spencer Tracy, one of the finest actors in the history of Hollywood, but he said he couldn't marry her, because he was not free to marry in the Church.

MODEL: Miss Hepburn's independence. She seemed so strong, settled in her talent and in her work, and, through all those years in the movies, it showed. Find out who you are, and make your individuality work for you. If you have to submerge your personality in order to marry, you've got a big decision to make: do you want to be you, or do you want to spend the rest of your life pleasing someone else? ***

Your Birthday Today:

May 12
Day of the Barbed Tongue Taurus

Sharp, Gifted, Humorous

Knitpicky, Cynical, Disturbing

Joker, Joker. If you were born on May 12, you are a trickster, well-known for your teasing and practical jokes. Some May 12 people are more serious, but still clash with others because they do things a little differently. Ruled by the number 3 and the planet Jupiter, you are very optimistic in your endeavors.

A critic, too. You are more than happy to point out the foolishness and delusions of others. A debunker, you enjoy refuting unsturdy claims, spouting sarcasm and irony with laser precision. You do not, however, claim to know it all and hesitate to reveal your own philosophy and principles. You can be insightful and offer fresh approaches to solve problems.

Don't judge a book. Since you always go against the grain, others may label you a rebel. Actually, you are conservative and fairly logical. In addition, your stony exterior makes others think you a cool and unemotional customer. But this is just a wall built to keep the world out.

Born leader? Your self-assurance, liability and sympathetic ear cause others to look up to you. Superiors notice you because of your drive and dedication. These folks may choose you as a leader or spokesperson, but you really don't desire all that responsibility. You'd rather enjoy your freedom.

Some advice: Know when to try a little diplomacy and bite your tongue. Don't preach to people all the time. Leave them to sink or swim on their own.

Also born on this day: Emilio Estevez (actor) Katherine Hepburn (actress) Lennox Berkely (composer) Wilfred Hyde White (British actor) Pat McCormick (medal-winning diver) Farley Mowat (Canadian naturalist, writer) Howard K. Smith (TV journalist) Edward Lear (landscape painter) Joseph Beuys (German painter, sculptor) George Carlin (comedian, actor) Yogi Berra (baseball catcher, manager).