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May 1, 1997

       Saint Of The Day:

            Henry Lloyd

enry Lloyd, who was born on May 1, 1847 and died on Sept. 28, 1903, was one of the original muckrakers -- a journalist who tried to change the world with his stories. Lloyd did a pretty good job of changing the world. He was probably the one man most responsible for launching the Progressive Era in the U.S. -- a time when the political process began to work for the many rather than for the few. He led in the re-orientation of American democracy from laissez-faire individualism to the positive fostering of the general welfare. He did this getting leaders from both the corporate world and the government world to agree that they should be guided by social justice and a positive social ethic. Lloyd was a man of great personal charm, had a keen mind, and extraordinary moral courage. With his journalism, Lloyd campaigned (successfully) against industrial abuses and monopoly, but it was in his own social life that he was most able to do good. In New York City, he and his wife entertained a good many socially-minded intellectuals, clergymen, social workers, labor leaders and reformers of all kinds. Out of that setting came an esprit de corps that stimulated a pluralistic attack on many social abuses, a spirit that would finally bear fruit during the days of the New Deal -- i.e, during the administration of Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt.
MODEL: Lloyd's social graces. He knew how to make friends, and, by bringing friends together with friends, he multiplied his own power many times over.

Your Birthday Today:

May 1
Day of Sarcasm

Relaxed, Practical,
Amusingly ironic

Procrastinating, Listless,

The pen is mightier. If you were born on May 1, you have a penchant for observing a situation and offering insightful commentary in written or verbal form. Not a big talker, you make each word count. Since you get to the point quickly and concisely, others don't have to guess how you feel about an issue. Ruled by the number 1 and the Sun, you are ambitious but in a roundabout way.

Barbed comments. Your wit and satiric sense of humor are your defense against pretentious or arrogant people who rile you. These counter-attacks can be quite amusing to friends. You know that laughter has a way of deflating big egos while angry rhetoric only aggravates the problem.

Speaking up. Though shy, you speak up for yourself and play an active role in the world around you. Not that you seek confrontation--quite the opposite--you generally prefer a little peace and quiet. Others may not appreciate your personality, but you don't particularly care. Some, usually friends, appreciate your honesty and forthrightness.

You hedonist you. You enjoy the sensual pleasures of food, sex and simply kicking back and being pampered. This yearning for comfort usually causes you to avoid big risks and back a sure thing. In the world of love, however, you often leap before you look, blinded by romantic illusions.

Some advice: Don't be afraid of risk. Sometimes it's the only way to get ahead . Once you've made your plans, don't procrastinate. Act now! Be more realistic about love. What you see in movies and books is fantasy.

Also born on this day: Rita Coolidge (singer) Kate Smith (singer) Theo van Gogh (Vincent's brother) Wendy Toye (British theatre producer) Terry Southern (screenplay writer, novelist) Joseph Heller (novelist) Judy Collins (folk singer) Steve Cauthen (jockey) Jack Paar (Tonite Show host) Bobbie Ann Mason (writer) William Lilly (17th c. astrologer) Ollie Matson (All-American football halfback)