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S A I N T S   &   B I R T H D A Y   P A G E

February 7, 1997

Saint Of The Day:

Thomas More

Born in London on Feb. 6, 1478, died in the Tower of London, July 6, 1535. He was a barrister, a member of Parliament, and a judge -- the kind of judge acclaimed for his fairness, his incorruptibility and his despatch. Oxford-trained, he was a family man (with three daughters and a son), high humanist and author (most notably of a classic work called Utopia, which attacked the inequitable social and economic conditions in Europe at the time and described an ideal state based on reason). He was also a theologian who took an active, but temperate part on the side of traditional Catholicism in the Church's controversies with Martin Luther. In 1529, he became lord high chancellor under King Henry VIII, who soon made things difficult for More, a loyal Catholic, by declaring himself independent of the pope and head of the Church in England. The king had wanted a papal declaration of nullity for his marriage to Katherine of Aragon, and when the pope said no, Henry seceded. More promptly resigned his post as chancellor and retired from public life. But Henry wanted -- needed -- Tom More's approval, and tried to force it with 15 months imprisonment in the Tower of London, during which time More wrote his famous Dialogue of Comfort against Tribulation, and conferred frequently with his daughter, Margaret Roper. More was tried for treason, found guilty and sentenced to death. He told his judges he suspected "we may yet hereafter in Heaven merrily all meet together to everlasting salvation." He told the onlookers at his beheading that he was "the King's good servant, but God's first." Now, he's a saint in the Catholic Church, and a FECHA saint as well. Try getting the More story in video: "A Man For All Seasons," a sleek British production from a story by the Oscar-winning Playwright Robert Bolt.

MODEL: More's balance and wit, even at his own execution. Try balance and wit when you get fired next week, or when your wife runs off with the curate. That'll show some class.

Your Birthday Today:

February 7
Day of the Just Cause

Human, Youthful, Spontaneous

Dissatisfied, Unrealistic, Over-permissive

Idealist or cynic? If you were born on February 7, you are one of the most idealistic people around, but can be seen as harsh and cynical by folks who don't know you well. You don't stand for cruelty toward the weak and unprotected. Ruled by the number 7 and the planet Neptune, you are open to change and enjoy travel, but must avoid being diverted by visions, dreams and psychic phenomena.

The innocent. If you keep your cynical side to yourself, some mistake you for a naive dreamer, due to your open, youthful manner. You value the sincerity and spontaneity of youth and seek to keep it alive in yourself and others. You are opposed to old habits, repression, clinging to the status quo and those who react without thinking.

Not the realist. Your efforts to live by your ideals and make others do so may not be realistic. If you are intent on forcing your views upon others, be prepared to face rejection, hostility and even ostracism. Sometimes you have to content yourself with revealing problems, making suggestions and allowing others to take it or leave it.

A fair judge. You are a good judge of character and you choose your friends carefully. If you decide to have a family and children, you emphasize fairness and are open to your child's point of view. You believe that children can teach us a great deal and childhood should be as happy as possible.

Advice for the modern day idealist: You can't change the whole world; be content to change a small piece of it. Remember to work on yourself too. Overcome personal weaknesses and set an example for others.

Also born on this day:
Charles Dickens (British novelist) Sinclair Lewis (American novelist) Laura Ingalls Wilder (American novelist) An Wang (Wang computer founder) Eubie Blake (ragtime, jazz composer) Alfred Adler (Viennese social psychiatrist) Juliette Greco (French dancer, film actress) King Curtis (jazz, rock & roll saxophonist) Buster Crabbe (body builder, actor in Flash Gordon) Guy Talese (writer Thy Neighbor's Wife) Stuart Davis (painter, illustrator)