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S A I N T S   &   B I R T H D A Y   P A G E

February 26, 1997

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February 26

Day of Stimulation

Expressive, Critical, Exciting

Self-important, Severe, Reactive

Arousing. If you were born on February 26, you have a great talent for stimulating people emotionally and mentally. You are tuned to people's wants, needs and desires and therefore able to stir them deeply. Ruled by the number 8 and the planet Saturn, you are conservative and a little dictatorial at time s.

The lone magnet. You are kind of a loner in pursuit of your own goals, but people feel drawn to you. Not given to public displays of affection, you often leave it for others to be spontaneous. Alone, you are quiet and peaceful, but at work you may be a bit more aggressive.

Your wicked tongue. A student of irony and satire, you turn your critical tongue on people and society in general. Because your criticism can hurt others deeply, you should beware of arousing antagonism. With lovers and children, you are not as firm as you'd like to be and may give in too easy. Some February 26 people tend to overcompensate by acting stern and high-handed. More mature individuals learn to laugh at themselves and try again.

The empath. Through your gift for empathy, you can strike a chord with people you've never met through your creativity. Being on the same brainwave and sharing good feelings is very important to you. You are happiest when you can communicate without saying a word.

Some Advice : Keep things simple and earthy. Don't go off the deep end and take yourself too seriously. Learn to really listen and share responsibility with others.

Also born on this day:
Victor Hugo (French poet, novelist) Honore Daumier (French painter , sculptor, caricaturist) Buffalo Bill Cody (cowboy showman) Johnny Cash (country/western singer) Fats Domino (rock & roll singer) Jackie Gleason (actor, comedian) Tony Randall (actor) Camille Flammarion (French astronomer) Emile Couve (French psychotherapist) Orde Wingate (British-Indian major general) Theodore Sturgeon (science-fiction writer) Godfrey Cambridge (comedian, actor) Madeleine Carrol (British actress)