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S A I N T S   &   B I R T H D A Y   P A G E

February 21, 1997

Saint Of The Day:

Malcolm X.

Born in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1925, died by an assassin's bullet in New York City in 1965. Malcolm X (originally Malcolm Little) led the life of an outlaw until he was converted to Islam while serving time in prison. Once of prison, he toured the country, preaching the gospel of Elijah Muhammed. He opposed integration, pressed for black separatism and advocated the use of violence in self-defense. In 1964, after a trip to Mecca, he changed his views and founded a new movement aimed at black unity and solidarity. But he soon became embroiled in a factional dispute that ended in his assassination by Black Muslim enemies during Harlem rally in 1965.

MODEL: Malcolm's openness to God's inspiration, as mediated by those he encountered. Some of them made more sense than he was making out of a nation still bitterly split on race. And he listened to them.

Your Birthday Today:

February 21

Day of the Intimate

Deep, Self-aware, Honest

Self-involved, Weary, Detached

Your struggle. If you were born on February 21, you fight to express yourself on a personal level. Ruled by the number 3 and the planet Jupiter, you are ambitious and can be dictatorial but Neptune (ruler of Pisces) mellows you with an idealistic, spiritual outlook.

Self improvement. In your childhood, you may have had some internal struggles. At first you thought it was your the environment pulling strings, but you've come to realize its your own complex nature. Many February 21 people see these problems as challenges, opportunities to grow and improve themselves. This constructive thinking also gives them helpful insight into the emotions and motivations of others.

Intimacy can be difficult. Sharing yourself with another, letting them see you with your defenses stripped away, is a very big deal for you. Conflicts arise when your special person rejects or ignores your offering. The resulting shock can be devastating and it may be a long time before you open up again.

You are what you make. It is difficult for you to separate yourself from your work; it is a part of you. Subsequently, criticism is difficult for you because it seems like a personal attack. Artists, craftspeople and entertainers born on this day must toughen their skin if they wish to succeed.

Parental guidance. You may have had a stressed relationship with your parent of the opposite sex. If you were overly criticized by this parent, you may have grown to be an overly quiet, secretive adult. If you were often ignored, you may now be the flamboyant, extroverted type (though this is rare in February 21 people).

Some Advice : Don't get so self-involved that you shut yourself off from society. You have to get out more. Reach out to others, stay in touch.

Also born on this day:
W.H. Auden (British-American poet) Nina Simone (jazz singer, pianist, songwriter) Sam Peckinpah (film director) Erma Bombeck (writer) Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe president) Tyne Daly (actress, singer) Hubert de Givenchy (French fashion designer) Barbara Jordan (US congresswoman) Tadd Dameron (jazz composer, pianist) Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna (Mexican general, won at the Alamo) Mararethe von Trotta (film director, actress) Rue McClanahan (actress)