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February 14, 1997

Saint Of The Day:

St. Valentine

We're not sure which Valentine we celebrate on Feb. 14 every year when we send cards and candy and flowers to our loved ones. The Roman Martyrology mentions two Valentines, both of whom were venerated from earliest Christian times. One Valentine had a Roman church dedicated in his honor in the 4th century. There was another Valentine, from southern Italy. His feast day was also commemorated on Feb. 14 -- until 1969, when church authorities dropped both Valentines from the liturgical calendar. They noted that there was no obvious connection between either of the St. Valentines and the modern dedication of the day to lovers. And that early Christians in Rome had probably used one or another (or both) of the Valentines to replace an ancient pagan celebration of sex, the Feast of the Lupercalia, a fertility rite that was observed by the Romans with, no doubt, an orgy. Why should decent Christians even be thinking of sex? We don't want to go too far out on a limb here, but FECHA believes that sex has an important place in the lives of most ordinary folk. What the world needs now, as ever, is a little more love, yes, even erotic love. And we offer a historical footnote, from the same folks who took St. Valentine off the calendar of the saints: The bishops who met at Vatican II (in the early 1960s) averred that "there is something good in the erotic." They actually had a vote on it, and there were less than a dozen dissenters out of 2,213 who cast a ballot.

MODEL: Forget the ancient St. Valentines, but do set yourself the task, today, of putting your heart out there for your lover, with a card, candy or flowers, which are symbols of yourself. Even better: give yourself. All of you. Because the more you give in this arena, the more you get.

Your Birthday Today:

February 14
Day of Witty Rhetoric

Witty, Insightful, Entertaining

Overaggressive, Hurtful, Too critical

The quick and the devastated. If you were born on February 14, you are a quick-witted person capable of a funny, sometimes cutting verbal whammy. Ruled by the number 5 and the planet Mercury, your strong mental abilities are reinforced by Uranus, ruler of Aquarius.

The irony of life. Your comments can make people laugh, cry and even think. Others may take an hour to make a point, but you distill the same point in one charming little quip. Some may think your jokes, stories, tall tales and practical joking make you superficial, but you do take work and other things seriously. You just think life is too ironic to not make comments about it.

Self-destruction. Less advanced people born on this day can express an outright contempt for life and act destructively in their quest for power. They see themselve as above the law, exempt from karma and the pendulum of fate. They are often surprised when the axe eventually falls.

Watch your wit. All February 14 people must watch their ironic commentary to ensure that it doesn't sour into mocking, nasty sarcasm. Such an attitude will not win you friends. Sure, dark humor can be amusing, but it wears thin, especially when others are the butt of your jokes. Even self-deprecating humor can go too far.

Downtime. Though you have a very cerebral personality, sometimes your brain needs a rest. Therefore, you may choose to spend your free time not with intellectuals, but more down-to-earth people who know how to relax and have fun.

Some Friendly Advice : Think of other people's feelings before you open your big mouth. Apply some of your critical insight to yourself. A little time alone may help.

Also born on this day:
Frederick Douglass (African-American abolitionist, writer, orator) Gregory Hines (dancer, actor) Jimmy Hoffa (Teamsters Union president, disappeared) Paul Tsongas (Mass. governor, presidential candidate) Jack Benny (comedian, actor, TV host) Molly Ringwald (actress) Hugh Downs (host of 20/20) Mel Allen (sportscaster) Carl Bernstein (of Woodward & Bernstein) Christopher Sholes (typewriter inventor) Johnny Longden (jockey, Triple Crown winner) Mickey Wright (women's golf champion)