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April 5, 1997

Saint Of The Day:

Abolition 2000 Global Network

Tomorrow marks the beginning of what is being called "the 1000th Day Count-Up To The Year 2000." Who's counting? An organization called the Abolition 2000 Global Network, which is agitating for "continuous, complete and irrevocable elimination of nuclear weapons." Some 600 non-governmental organizations on six continents have already signed a statement calling for an abolition convention by the year 2000. The convention would require phased elimination of all nuclear weapons within a specific time frame, with provision for effective verification and enforcement. The statement calls for a prohibition of nuclear weapons, research, design, development and testing. A mounting number of military leaders from 17 nations, including Russia and the United States, are calling for the elimination of all nuclear weapons. This on the grounds that the principle of nuclear deterrence implies a will to use instruments of mass slaughter on cities -- that is, on innocent civilian populations. To ethicians, this is an immoral posture. To the generals, including two retired U.S. generals, Lee Butler and Andrew Goodpaster, it's also an unnecessary posture. Yet five nations still cling to their nuclear arsenals: the U.S., Russia, France, China, the United Kingdom (as do Israel, India and Pakistan, who have weapons, but do not acknowledge them officially). The Cold War is over. But old habits die hard. How hard they die can be seen during the next eleven days, April 7-18, when a United Nations Preparatory Committee meets in New York to review the state of the UN's Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, already signed by the world's five open nuclear powers, which calls for (among other things) "good faith measures relating to nuclear disarmament."

ACTION: If any organization to which you belong wishes to sign on to the Abolition 2000 statement, you should send an e-mail message stating contact name, organization name, address, fax, telephone and e-mail address to <>. (It would be good to sign on by tomorrow, April 6, the beginning of the 1,000th Day Count-Up.) You can get further information from Pamela Meidel, Facilitator, Abolition 2000 Global Network, P.O. Box 220, Port Hueneme, CA 93044, USA. Her telephone number is (805) 985-5073.

Your Birthday Today:

April 5
Day of Consistency

Prosperous, Hard-working, Constant

Redundant, Closed, Overindulged

Groomed for success. If you were born on April 5, you have the ability and determination to succeed in whatever you do. You present a composed, self-confident image without seeming egotistical. Ruled by the number 5 and the planet Mercury, you bounce back well from life's little setbacks.

A regular working stiff. Though you do like appreciation, you will press on in your work whether anyone gives a hoot or not. Even if you are very gifted, you try to remain modest and play the role of the regular guy or girl. You don't like being analyzed, however, because you feel you are presenting an honest face.

Consistent. Most likely, you will pursue one profession and one general goal through your whole long life. Your marriages, however, can be troubled by indiscretions and affairs. You see nothing wrong with your behavior. Emotionally distant, you find it difficult to sit down and talk about problems. Regardless, you expect others to be understanding at all times.

Controversy. You don't want to cause a fuss, but you may get it anyway, thanks to your direct manner. Honesty and integrity is important, and you refuse to compromise your beliefs, even for money. You'll stick up for your ideals but may avoid a fight so you can continue bringing your plans to fruition.

Some advice: Some times you should cut your losses and move on. Learn to be more open and sharing, especially with your mate. See things from his or her view.

Also born on this day: Booker T. Washington (African-American education reformer) Thomas Hobbes (British political philosopher) Bette Davis (actress) Spencer Tracy (actor) Gregory Peck (actor) Colin Powell (retired US army general) Judith Resnick (astronaut) Melvyn Douglas (actor) Robert Bloch (writer, Psycho) Roger Corman (director, producer) Michael Moriarty (actor) Andy McPhail (Minnesota Twins manager)