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S A I N T S   &   B I R T H D A Y   P A G E

April 18, 1997

Saint Of The Day:

Indonesia's President Sukarno

This is "Third World Day." The expression was first used by Indonesia's President Sukarno in his opening speech at the Bandung Conference on this date in 1955. Some 2000 attendees were there, representatives of 30 African and Asian nations, and they heard Sukarno praise the American war of independence, "the first successful anti-colonial war in history. More than half the world's population, said Sukarno, was represented at this "first international conference of the so-called colored peoples in the history of mankind." The phrase and the idea of a "third world" rapidly gained currency, generally signifying the aggregate of non-allied peoples and nations, which were then largely undeveloped economically. Now, as we approach the millennium, many of those nations, including Sukarno's own Indonesia, and, notably, many other nations in Southeast Asia have made fantastic economic strides.

Your Birthday Today:

April 18
Day of Defense

Objective, Virtuous, Forceful

Belligerent, Unrealistic, Volatile

Progressive traditionalist? If you were born on April 18, you are an untiring defender of the faith and the less fortunate. The causes and ideas you hope to develop are very current, and you are thought of as a progressive thinker. But down deep, you are not a radical, just a traditionalist who wants to set things right. Ruled by the number 9 and the planet Mars, you must resist impulsive urges and channel your considerable energy.

Super serious. You are very concerned with how others see you in public, at work and at home. You'll rarely be seen goofing off or playing the fool. Around business associates, you are careful to act like a level-headed, sober person. With your family, you seek to gain respect as well as love.

Brave Sir Knight. You wear an armor of polished nobility around you, and if it should be tarnished, you'll be hurt deeply. You may become very depressed and take a long time to recover. But once you get to work setting the record straight, you'll be able to salvage your energy and poise.

Parental bonding. The deep bond you have with one of your parents will provide you with much support throughout your life. Growing up, you form your ideas of right and wrong through this parent. If this parent-child relationship becomes fiery in adolescence, as they often do, you should be sure to patch things up so you can evolve. Your development depends greatly on this person.

A little advice: Open yourself to love and affection, or you may become a bitter old coot. Don't let your anger boil over and try not to be so defensive. Be more trusting and relaxed.

Also born on this day: James Woods (actor) Eric Roberts (actor) Robert Hooks (actor, Negro Ensemble co-founder) Huntington Hartford (financier, A&P heir) Joseph Goldstein (Nobel Prize, molecular genetics) Max Weber (expressionist, cubist painter) Henry Hyde (congressman, IL) Clarence Darrow (Scopes trial defense attorney) Leopold Stokowski (conductor) Queen Frederika (German monarch) Mildred Bailey (US Army brigadier general, WACS) George Hitchings (Nobel Prize, chemotherapy)