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S A I N T S   &   B I R T H D A Y   P A G E

April 10, 1997

Saint Of The Day:

William Booth

William Booth was born in Nottingham, England, on April 10, 1829, in abject poverty. Throughout the rest of his life, he labored to elevate the poor, first as a Methodist minister, then, as the founder, in 1878, of a quasi-military/religious organization, the Salvation Army. He gave himself the title of General, and he gave his soldiers, which he recruited from the ranks of the poor and the outcast, uniforms and a rank. He made women co-equals to the men in his Army, with the institution of "clergy-couples" -- men and women who could fan out as missionaries across the world whilst giving each other the mutual support that only spouses can give. "Some of our best men," said General Booth, "are women." The Salvation Army spread rapidly, to the U.S. and to most of the nations of the world, and became most famous for its revivals in slum areas and inner cities, where, accompanied by Gospel band music, the officers would find help to the poor, homes for the homeless, sobriety for alcoholics, rescue homes for young women in trouble, training centers and legal aid for everyone and anyone who seemed to need it.

MODEL: Gen. Booth's militancy. There's something to be said for a vision, brightly seen, and a campaign, spritely launched. Get a vision. Go for it. And, like Gen. Booth, stay with it.

Your Birthday Today:

April 10
Day of Courage

Complex, Courageous, Daring

Unsettled, Tense, Obsessive

Battle stations. If you were born on April 10, you have the courage to be yourself and stick to your guns. You'll fight back if you have to, but you don't go looking for confrontation. Ruled by the number 1 and the sun, you show leadership skills and great ambition.

Big changes. A career change dramatically reshapes your life at some point. You may have decided on an early career too hastily or when not quite mature to know yourself. This career must be jettisoned in favor of your true calling.

The gambler. You're not a daredevil; your courage is based on strong principles and common sense. But some may see you as a regular Evil Kneivel until your bets pay off. Then you are seen as shrewd, calculating. Indeed, gambling holds a great fascination with you, both in life and at an actual casino.

Normal life. You have a real passion for your profession and your independence. This makes it hard to have a normal family life, yet you do feel a need for a stable home. Close but unconventional relationships with friends and mates often fill this need.

The edge. More mature April 10 people know that a big ego and a can't-do-no-wrong attitude could lead to disaster. They push to the limit, but rarely overstep their capabilities. They don't go for wild schemes and are most comfortable when they can follow a solid plan to sweeping conclusion.

Some advice: Learn to relax and cool your jets. Don't be so compulsive. Enjoy some personal pleasures, not just social successes.

Also born on this day: Mathew C. Perry (US Navy admiral) Joseph Pulitzer (founded Pulitzer Prize) Frances Perkins (first woman cabinet member) William Booth (Salvation Army founder) Paul Theroux (playwright, novelist) Omar Sharif (actor) John Madden (football coach, commentator) Don Meredith (football QB, commentator) Pat Steir (NY painter) Ben Nicholson (abstract painter) Chuck Conners (actor) Kenneth Noland (abstract painter)