The First Electronic Church of America

S A I N T S   &   B I R T H D A Y   P A G E

April 1, 1997

Saint Of The Day:

Robert the Hermit

Robert the Hermit. No, this isn't an April Fools joke. Today marks the 165th anniversary of the death of Robert the Hermit, one of the most famous hermits in American history, who died in his hermitage in Seekonk, Maine, on April 1, 1832. It's no wonder the man became a hermit. He was a bonded slave, the son of an African mother and, probably, an Anglo-Saxon father. After obtaining his freedom, he was swindled out of it, and was shipped to a foreign slave market, then later escaped to the U.S. He was separated from his first wife by force and then rejected by his second wife. That's when he checked out and became a hermit. But is he a "real saint?" Or, better question, can FECHA put him up as any kind of role model for our time? We'd have to say yes, with a qualification. We don't recommend hermit-hood as a permanent thing. But we probably should withdraw a little (or a lot) when we have had a major loss, when we lose our job, or our spouse dies, or a friend betrays us. Then is the time to take an inventory of ourselves -- ask ourselves who we are and what we're doing on this planet.

MODEL: Modeling ourselves on Robert the Hermit, we can take some time off to think. Then, we can lace our shoes a little tighter, get up and figure out how we can make this world a better place. We're not here for ourselves. We're here for others. Each one of us.

Your Birthday Today:

April 1
Day of Nobility

Disciplined, Genuine, Skilled

Isolated, Workaholic, Closed

All work and no play. If you were born on April 1, you are straightforward, disciplined, thoughtful and hard working. You were this way even as a child. Family and friends find you very reliable. Ruled by the number 1 and the sun, you like to first in everything you do.

Alone in your labors. Although you do have a star quality, you do not seek the limelight. You want to be in on the action but could care less about the attention of colleagues or friends. Some may think you are shy and a bit lonely, but you simply aren't very sociable, unless circumstances require it. You are quite happy functioning alone and just want to get on with your work. In fact, some may call you a workaholic. You just like to bring things to a conclusion, no matter what it takes

Self-taught. You want to be a master of technique, but don't want to learn it in school. Asking for help would only embarrass you. So you are basically self-educated, emulating those you admire and developing your own unique style.

Conventional. You are capable of innovation, but your work is usually more practical and conservative. It is not your success that concerns you, but the success of your projects. You probably have a passion for history, for discovering why things succeeded or failed.

Some advice: You often demand too much of yourself and should avoid taking on too many projects at one time. Learn to relax. Share your ups and downs with the people you care for. Open up.

Also born on this day: Abraham Maslow (humanistic psychology founder) Sir William Harvey (discovered blood circulation) Clara McBride Hale (founder of Hale House, for infants of drug-addicted mothers) Sergei Rachmaninoff (composer, pianist) Lon Chaney (silent film actor) Edmond Rostand (writer, Cyrano de Bergerac) Otto von Bismarck (German prime minister) Wallace Beery (actor) Debbie Reynolds (actress) Harry Carney (jazz saxophonist) Ali McGraw (actress) Dan Flavin (artist)